This paper presents the analytical solution of four-component gas/oil displacements under constant pressure boundary conditions. All the previous studies in gas/oil displacement problems have been accomplished under the assumption of constant flux boundaries. In practice however, gas flooding projects are often conducted with constant injection pressure and constant producing well pressure. In this work, a novel generation of Buckley-Leverett’s classic fractional flow theory is applied to solve the problem of four-component gas/oil displacements under constant pressure boundaries.

Conservation of mass in a one-dimensional, dispersion-free medium, for a four-component gas/oil displacement system leads to a set of partial differential equations. The solution of the corresponding initial value problem under constant flux boundary conditions consists of rarefaction waves, shock waves and constant states connecting the injection state to the production state. In incompressible systems with constant pressure boundaries, the total volumetric flux is a function of time and hence, the classical Buckley-Leverett theory is not valid. However, the saturation wave structure obtained from the constant flux boundary condition problem can be used in the solution of the associated problem with constant pressure boundaries by determining the flux analytically as a function of time.

The solution for a four-component gas/oil displacement case study is presented. The determination of time dependent volumetric flux from the solution of the constant flux problem is demonstrated. Results are also obtained using a numerical approach and are compared to the analytical results. This indicates that the analytical solution is indistinguishable from the numerical solution as the number of grid blocks in the numerical method approaches infinity. However, a very fine grid is needed for an acceptable solution.


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