In the scope of cavity surveillance and instability forecasting, the underground salt mine cavity of Cerville-Buissoncourt, NE France, was monitored during 5 years and represents a large collection of microseismic data, encompassing the cavity’s stability phase until its provoked collapse. The growing instability of the cavity is witnessed by several microseismic crises recorded at 1D and 3D geophone stations deployed at the surface and in boreholes. Event localizations indicate that they lie near the cavity roof and are interpreted as block falls and growing of the cavity.

Our objectives are (1) to follow the cavity’s growth over time until its collapse, in order to improve prognostics of underground cavity collapses in a general sense, and (2) to make accessible our catalog data and methods via open source web platforms, e.g. e.cenaris (INERIS) and EPOS.

In order to achieve this, a comparison is made between event localizations and characteristics along the different evolution stages of the cavity: stable, unstable and collapse. Once data processing is automated and a calibration magnitude law is found for each time period, we apply them to a much larger dataset within each time period and obtain a complete catalog describing the evolution of the salt mine cavity.


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