The validity of empirical relation between geomagnetic field and climate parameters, found previously, has been checked over the entire globe. The physical mechanism for this relation starts with geomagnetic modulation of the galactic cosmic rays (GCR) and ozone production in the lower stratosphere through ion-molecular reactions initiated by GCR. The ozone in turn controls the temperature and amount of the water vapor near tropopause which have strong influence on radiation balance of Earth. Applicability of this mechanism was checked for all Earth. It is shown that relation of the specific humidity with ozone near tropopause is very strong, though it is unevenly distributed on the longitude and latitude. The statistical analysis shows the centers with especially strong influence of ozone. One of them is located near Antarctic Peninsula that explains the positive trend found in near surface air temperature for the past 50 years in the western part of the ice continent. Geomagnetic field influence on climate variability will be demonstrated on the base of contemporary, paleo-climatic and paleo-magnetic data sets.


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