Integrated and multidisciplinary workflows are the key to deal with the challenges associated with unconventional reservoirs potential being exploited today. The software platform should able to effectively manage all relevant data, help to optimize the reservoir behavior and narrow down the associated uncertainties. This study captures the details of a workflow with the goal of integrating the 3D Petrel seismic to simulation software together with the Techlog wellbore software. This workflow is paramount to better delineate the potential of unconventional reservoirs and their genesis. How this workflow can contribute best to the integration of these two integrated approaches? Petrophysical properties have been generated with the proper understanding of the multi-mineral composition of the rock to identify the largest production intervals using Techlog software. Exploitation of unconventional low-permeability reservoirs depends definitely on detailed well to well correlations and meticulous, comprehensive formation evaluation. Subsequently, a 3D Geological static structural model has been created with Petrel, which needs to be populated, stochastically or deterministically, by using the petrophysical properties. The combined output of these analyses will be used within the 3D structural grid to identify high potential TOC zones and their distribution.


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