Simultaneous source acquisition is a method that is currently being accepted as the way of reducing the acquisition time and hence related cost, for both surface and borehole seismic (3DVSP). It is critically important for 3DVSP because of high cost of offshore rigs. Two or more sources can be used with a predifined firing delay. The delay time of firings is chosen as a random function from shot to shot. The data thus acquired as the blended respose of multiple sources. Surface seismic data acquired with simultaneous sources can exploit random delays to separate the respose of multiple sources in receiver domain. In borehole seismic, receiver domain separation, however, poses other challenges like separation of downgoing and upgoing wavefields. New methods are proposed to separate simultaneous sources response in the source domain. The methods prove successfull and open new frontiers for efficient and cost-wise feasible acquisition and processing of 3DVSP data.


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