High temperature is considered the most handicaps in the process of chemical selection, Laboratory analysis, core flooding process, and lab verification of government authority. When we get the best fluid selection then the price will control the pilot project. This paper will present the chemical selection, lab analysis and pilot design of Limau Field, section P&Q, located in South Sumatera Indonesia. Limau Field is one of the oil field located in the working area of PT. Pertamina EP Sumatera Region, Limau is a mature field began produced since 1930. Tertiary Recovery stage (EOR) target implementation in block P, Q-22 and Q-51. This three block has been selected since they have highest potential of remaining oil in place, and have been implemented secondary recovery phase with water injection and got a positive response from this activity. Primary peak oil production was achieved at 46,000 BOPD with 5 % of Water Cut in 1960, Activities of secondary recovery (water injection) stage conducted in 1991 with water injection using a staggered line drive and peripheral pattern with the main d in Soutin 1994 from the previous condition of 1,222 BOPD in 1989. From the results of successful secondary recovery stage, Pertamina EP and partner plan to implementation tertiary recovery stage with chemical injection (ASP Flooding),. To propose a chemical flooding project, there several regulation has to be follow before the pilot implementation. There are some activities to convincing EOR stage include : screening chemical flooding, chemical flooding laboratory study (fluid-fluid analysis & rock fluid analysis) in accordance with the conditions of the reservoir at temperature of 1050 C, GGRPF (geophysical & Geology, Reservoir, Production and facilities) study for the determination of the pilot area until full scale development. The challenges facing the stage screening chemical use is high reservoir temperatures in the range 1050 C, the results core flooding conducted and chemical flooding (ASP floding) who has been getting incremental recovery of 13,84% conducted in SURTEK lab USA and Lemigas Lab for verification is 9.94% of the OOIP. From the laboratory stage and studies that have been successfully carried out, will continue with ASP flooding pilot with 6 spot inverted pattern, where the results of reservoir simulation production response to injection will be felt in the 4 month with an annual increase of 2400 bopd from the previous condition of 225 bopd in production wells.


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