Field experience and laboratory tests indicate that the effective result of the use of acid solutions is "wormholes".This article studied the effect of the geological features of reservoir rocks in the acid treatment and the ability to influence the acid compositions to specific lithotypes limestone.The complex technology of the tests for acid stimulation of wells in carbonate reservoirs consisted of five stages: filtration studies using three different acid compositions, the microscopic method (thin sections), the electron microscope, X-ray tomography.Founnd that when exposed to different types of carbonate reservoir acid compositions, all other things being equal, the structure formed dissolving the following types: surface, tapered, dominant, even.Using modern methods of X-ray tomography, assured the visualization of inhomogeneities of the core sample, and scanning electron microscopy was used to answer questions related to the change of the internal structure, the structure of the pore space limestone after exposure to acidic agents. It has been shown that the decisive role in the choice of the method of intensification is the material composition of sediments and reservoir type.


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