One of the current problems of the development of productive deposits considered deposits of Western Siberia, as well as many other locations in the late stage of development, are the problems associated with the termination of the best areas of drilling productive deposits, non-confirmation of the geological structure in the border zones, the low predictive ability of reservoir boundaries. Thus, to assess the potential of the reservoir, as well as developing strategies for the development and adjustment of the reservoir needed a systematic way, to answer questions like geology and development, linking data elements coming from different disciplines studying the formation. In this paper, the example of the main object of development of the field is illustrated by the creation of the geological framework consistent with the actual data, and is used as a base for forecasting future zones. In large numbers of well-drilled areas of Western Siberia clinoform deposits, which include a series of fragmented vessels, considered as a single object of development, despite the wide range of variation of water contact marks, anisotropy of properties. Due to excessive consolidation of development objects is incorrect estimation of reserves, including production planning and further development


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