This paper presents the results of velocity modeling, dynamic and seismic facies analysis of the allocation of the potential spread of reservoirs in the Jurassic deposits of Tomsk region for further use in the refinement and adjustment of 3D geological model. Each stage contains a geological uncertainties that must be regarded in the 3D geological model. It was taken attributes cubes computed from the inversion, seismic facies cube, RGB cube. Each one relevant to the best correlation coefficient with the geological parameters was used for refining and adjusting the 3D geological model. All the cubes were transferred to the deep field, which allowed us to use them as the trend spreading them within the reservoir. In a further 3D geological model was laid and consider the following uncertainties: uncertainties in the construction of the structural frame, the uncertainty in the distribution parameters into the volume. The algorithm of transfer the initial seismic data errors and variations make it real to see the the geological model in the different ways.


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