Reservoir characterization process is a complex data integration process. There is no any data type which can provide enough field information on its own. Therefore, it has to be a multidisciplinary approach which should allow to any data type brought into the modeling process to be geologically reasonable. Effective integration requires estimates of the uncertainties of each data type in order to make created model to be effective tool for making decisions and reduction of development risks. Weproposetointegratestochasticseismicinversion,that computes a large number of fine scale seismic models at a scale close to geomodel, and validate this models via dynamic flow simulation. Given example illustrates possibility of additional data sets and procedures to be used as a filter to seismic inversion results to select a sub set of geomodels, built from seismic stochastic inversion realizations, with better match of actual observed production data. It allows us to support multidisciplinary modeling approach with seismic data at fine vertical resolution.


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