The generalized approach for petrophysical modeling of the basic reservoir properties (FES) of sedimentary rocks was considered. The main feature of Petrophysical models is their versatility for different conditions by replacing the set of influencing factors, that determine the structure of the pore space, to the concept of connectedness of the pore space. This concept is based on the simple fact that filtering parameters are determined not only by the bulk component of the conductive area, but also by geometrical features. In this case, the geometrical features are formalized by large number of parameters. Such the variety of characteristics entails a large number of different and complex patterns that describe the character between the main reservoir properties. This paper proposes a formalization of the laws on the basis of simple expressions that allow you to enter quantitative estimate of linkedness parameter. In the framework of the concept of connectedness of the pore space were obtained petrophysical models, what help to simplify the petrophysical modeling by using a small number of adjustable constants for specific deposits. In this way their universality is manifested for carbonate and terrigenous reservoirs. Structural coefficient was quantitatively formalized.


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