The effectiveness of the development and operation of oil and gas fields substantially depends on optimum planning and results of geologic and technical operations (GTO) to keep on or rise the level of hydrocarbon production, especially at the latest stages. The operations and their analysis are systematically linked with the current deposit simulation, hydrocarbon reserves increase including that by discovery of missed production beds. The optimization and planning of geologic and technical operations is based on logs including nuclear ones. The logs allow the evaluation of the degree of depletion of reservoirs, current locations of interfluid contacts, perforation intervals, revealing intervals for bottomhole zone treatment and choosing chemicals for injection. The nuclear log set includes pulse neutron gamma-ray spectrometry logging, gamma-ray spectrometry logging and pulse neutron logging. The nuclear logging evaluates quantitatively different basic parameters. The evaluated basic parameters give a “current geological image” of each single target under development and the above assist making the most optimum decisions in planning of GTO. To give high-quality results, the nuclear log set should meet up-to-date tool, technology and procedure requirements. They include the optimum choice of nuclear log modifications and downhole measurement modes, effective tool performability check and monitoring etc


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