At present when traditional objects and complexes’ resource potential is significantly exhausted, there arises a necessity to explore new large areas of oil and gas accumulation in frontier regions and in new stratigraphic datums. For Western Siberia main development prospects in the XXI century are associated with the following geological exploration directions: state-of-the-art exploration in the earlier discovered deposits enabling to increase significantly explored HC reserves and transfer most of the suspended fields in the cost-effective category; deep well exploration of pre-Jurassic platform (mainly the contact of pre-Jurassic platform rocks and Jurassic sediments of the mantle) and framing structures of Western-Siberian Mesozoic basin: the system of the Riphean lower Paleozoic megalithic banks in the North-West of the Siberian platform – Igarka-Norilsk oil and gas province, a new oil-and-gas-promising sedimentary basin of piedmont (foreland) type - South-Taymir oil and gas province in the Gorniy Taymir; shale oil problems study: scientific-thematic summarizing exploration works for the whole oil and gas accumulation basin on the basis of complex study of seismic exploration, GIS, core and down hole tests, results of exploration in certain directions; geological exploration and development of new frontier regions of Western Siberia along Jurassic-Cretaceous oil and gas sediments (Ust-Yenisey oil and gas bearing area). Main directions of geological exploration and development prospects of Western-Siberian oil and gas production complex in the XXI century are associated with Northern territories: Gydan and Taymir.


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