Currently, there is new cycle of interest in the multi-wave seismic (MWS). Relatively low presence of MWS method in Russia due to several limiting factors, such as high cost, lower productivity, relatively low staff experience, poor software. However, international experience shows that in some cases seismic data accuracy and reliability can be improved by MWS. Experiment 3D-3C survey was made on one of the LUKOIL license areas in Western Siberia. Sand reservoirs in the BV7 and UV11 formations were main investigation objects. The efficiency of synchronous PP-PS AVA inversion and applicability of kinematic and dynamic attributes of PS waves for these reservoirs characterization were evaluated during the interpretation. Possibility of density evaluation of the reservoirs based on PP-PS AVA inversion was shown. The efficiency of the kinematic attribute Vp/Vs for the reservoir characterization and saturation prediction was provided. Based on these results was made a conclusion about the effectiveness of MWS for the sand reservoirs BV7 and UV11 characterization. Recommendations for 3D-3C survey adaptations in the region were made.


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