The increased amount of projects with quantitative seismic interpretation over the last years made clear, that there is an urgent need to acquire high quality well data for p- and s-wave velocities as well as density. These data are required to tie the seismic response quantitatively to physically effective changes in the reservoir properties. Within the frames of a pilot project, we started to record high end well log data in a number of wells in the Orenburg region to prove the potential and the value of this type of information. First results of the evaluation of the data are presented in the recent paper. For a high quality of quantitative seismic interpretation, in addition to the p-wave velocity, the shear wave and the Stoneley proved to be extremely informative, especially for lithology estimation, porosity prediction and the definition of permeable reservoir intervals. To make use of the full potential of seismic inversion techniques, the complex of modern logging curves has to be acquired at least in a number of key wells for exploration and production, in order to provide a reliable calibration data base to extract meaningful attributes out of the seismic data.


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