Bolshekhetskaya depression is located in the northwestern part of the West Siberian Basin. One of the features of this area is the so-called "inversion structures," when positive structure seen in the Cretaceous interval, replaced by negative from the top of the Jurassic. From drilling established that expression of "inversion structures" in seismic sections related to the local decompression of rocks and a corresponding decrease of seismic waves speed. In this case, the abnormal pressure associated with both lithogeneous factors and generation of hydrocarbons in the difficulty of their migration. Mapping the area elements of Neocomian clinoform complex showed that almost all recorded on seismic data "inversion structures" located on slope parts of clinoforms, characterized by sharp gradients of decreasing thickness. Unlike other regions of West Siberia Bolshekhetskaya depression is characterized by an abundance of organic matter in clinoforms. The origin of organic matter may be due to the special conditions of sedimentation and redeposition of eroded rocks from the upper and middle Jurassic. In conclusion, it should be noted that this work allows using seismostratigraphic analysis identify and mapping possible areas with high reservoir pressures. Also emphasizes the Neocomian clinoforms as one of the oil source intervals that must be considered when analyzing the basin area.


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