In the modern era as the demand of energy is increasing and conventional resources are limited, every Nation and Industry is focusing towards exploitation of Unconventional resources t fulfill the future needs. With the application of VAPEX in offshore and thin reservoir we will be able to recover heavy oil. The recovery of heavy oil present series of challenges like its high viscosity which creates problem in production & transportation, sulphur & nitrogen content, high content of heavy metals etc. Many thermal and non-thermal methods are used for the recovery of Heavy Oil. Out of the thermal methods VAPEX and SAGD are important one. Nowadays VAPEX is given preference over SAGD as it minimize the environmental and economical risk. Vapex involves injection of vaporized hydrocarbon solvents into heavy oil reservoir; the diluted oil drains by gravity to a horizontal production well.Different Solvents which can be used with their benefits in Vapex process is studied in detail. The author has explained the process of VAPEX and SAGD in detail with the advantages of VAPEX over SAGD.


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