Systematic approach to new plays assessment, recently developed by Schlumberger, enables integrated evaluation of petroleum systems key elements, such as trap, reservoir, charge, seal, hydrocarbon migration and timing, is realized as Petroleum-Systems-Quick-Look module in Petrel 2012. Play Chance Mapping module stores all inputs such as geological property maps, variables, transforms and subordinate chance maps, which go into creating the final play chance map. The process of COS map creation consist of several steps aimed on quantitative analysis of trap and reservoirs properties as well as estimation of seal quality and hydrocarbons charge volume. The final step of this short exploration optimized planning workshop is selection of the most perspective new well location upon the results of integrated COS map. With renewed option well path design in Petrel 2012 explorers can create any type of vertical and directional wellbore they need for investigating most promising reservoirs at the selected prospect. Workshop is oriented on the specialists in exploration with the basic experience in Petrel software usage.


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