Detailed sequence stratigraphic framework shows distribution of evolving sedimentary facies on varying spatial and temporal scales and provides an understanding of the chronostratigraphy, tectonics, climate, palaeogeography, depositional systems and diagenetic trends and petroleum systems of the region and identifies potential exploration plays. Framework is subdivided by surfaces that are the product of local low frequency tectonic movement, associated with Wilson's cycles of tectonic plate motion; further subdivided by surfaces formed during higher frequency eustatic changes in sea level and varying rates of sediment accumulation. Jurassic fields are in shallow water carbonate and evaporite sediments in Saudi Arabia Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Yemen associated with high rates of organic production that accumulated in the arid rain shadow of the lea shores of the equatorial seaway flanking the eastern margin of Gondwanaland and the consequent restricted basins were confined behind structural and/or depositional barriers that formed over Hercynian structural highs. The Jurassic section common shallow water carbonate play elements are tied to platform evaporite depositional settings that are comprised of sabkha, salina, and mudflats; and subaqueous salterns; and shallow or deep basin center evaporite plays.


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