The Kimmeridgian–Tithonian Arab and Hith formations are part of the highstand sequence set of a second-order supersequence, built by five third-order composite sequences: (1) J70 Sequence, Jubaila/ Arab-D; (2) J80 Sequence, Arab-C; (3) J90 Sequence, Arab-B; (4) J100 Sequence, Arab-A/Lower Asab Oolite; and (5) J105 Sequence, Upper Asab Oolite/Hith), bounded on top by sequence boundary J110_ SB. The J70 to J105 sequences belong to the highstand sequence set of the Upper Jurassic second-order supersequence and show progradation of the facies belts towards the east. Through time, the lagoon behind the barrier bar complex became increasingly evaporitic being dominated by salina-type deposits during Hith deposition (J105 Sequence).


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