Modern trends in geoinformation technologies, which are irreplaceable for the creation of large regional GIS are becoming more popular due to the possibility of publication of geospatial data in the Internet environment. Systems built with the use of Internet technologies are much promising than locally working software, since they allow to solve the problem of data sharing not with one, but with a group of organizations. Almost every distributed GIS system consists of large number of components (subsystems) interacting with each other, united to a single geoportal. For the effective implementation of such interactions Web services are used. The system, built on the basis of Web services has a high degree of autonomy and more opportunities to reuse. Since 2005 VNIIgeosystem works on creation of a large, distributed geographic information system in the Internet environment, which functions on the entire territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Within the project there was developed a special software-technological complex MGS (multipurpose GIS server), built on a free software using international and national standards in the field of geoinformatics. We are going to consider multipurpose GIS server architecture, functionality, and its application in the implementation of geographic information systems industry.


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