Central Sumatra Basin is located in a unique geology structure and the richest petroleum basin that produce oil in Indonesia. The reservoir is shallow depth and located in highly fracture area. Central Sumatra Basin is dominated with sand and shale. The characteristic of sand is unconsolidated and alternate with shale. It's quite hard to identify its lithology. Moreover, the reservoir is located at shallow depth which makes seismic wave being attenuated. It gives poor data. But with the help of geophysical well logging and rock physics, we can do reservoir mapping to identify the lithology in that area. Some selected geophysical well logging method have been used in this project. The best geophysical well log method in this area is integrated with the rock physics. The result of that integration is the input for seismic inversion. And the final result is we can make reservoir mapping and identify sand and shale lithology in that basin.


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