Gas hydrate is important to learn because it related to the stability of the seafloor that can lead to a blowout at an offshore drilling, but other than that can also be used for natural gas resources. The data used in this study is public domain seismic data in the form of PSTM 3D data from the Blake Ridge offshore, South Carolina,USA. Several studies in the Blake Ridge offshore concluded that this area is showing signs of the existence of gas hydrates. In this process, rock physics modeling and fluid substitution analysis is required to provide a picture of the behavior of the elastic parameters of the existence of gas hydrates and gas hydrate relationship with the matrix and other fluids in the rocks. Fluid substitution modeling results, the existence of gas hydrates lead to higher acoustic impedance that is expected to perform post-stack inversion estimates of hydrate distribution can be made. Mapping the distribution of gas hydrates can be done using coloured inversion techniques on 3D seismic data. Coloured Inversion can provide a picture of the relative impedance using the local velocity trend,gas hydrates represented by the most positive relative acoustic impedance.


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