The Eastern Siberia territory is not investigated enough by geophysical methods. Today, we have not a whole picture of geological structure of this region. The seismic explorations on the geological-geophysical survey 3-DV “Scovorodino-Tommot-Khandyga-Myakit” are proceeding since 2008. This article describes results of the data processing which are derived from deep seismic sounding (DSS), (3-DV, southern and central part). The systems of traveltime curves and wavefields t(x, l-const) are obtained by point sounding technique. The purpose of DSS processed data is seismic model. The model illustrates location and relief of a main seismic boundaries and deep faults including the top cloak. Moreover it shows complex block structure of the earth’s crust. Relief map of Siberian Plate Moho-discontinuity was improved by this model. It is shown the Baikal’s type intermountain troughs are confined for deep rift fault which strikes from Baikal Lake ant crosses the survey 3-DV within the deep fault zones.


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