Previous studies have indicated that the oil recovery from porous media may be substantially increased by the injection of miscible fluids.This all sounds great and water flooding has been used successfully for decades, however, it is important to take care to design and operate the flood appropriately. In this experiment, two nano-particles dissolved in water are used to inject into simulated environment and here they are Titanium dioxide and Fumed silica. Using nano-particles in all samples has resulted in recovery increase. Among the applications of the study is improvement in oil recovery (IOR) which can be applied in many water wet reservoirs dominated by inhibition mechanism to extract more flow through really small caliber pores . Using nano-particles in all samples has resulted in recovery increase. Finally,Considering the experiments, it is demonstrated that flows with nano and in particular Titanium dioxide nano have highest amount of recovery. So, using nano-particles in water flooding projects and even some of the polymer flooding ones (for IOR process).


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