In 2011, Maersk Oil contracted the reprocessing of seismic data for the entire Danish Central Graben. The Pre-stack Depth Migration (PSDM) data was reprocessed by Western Geco, to help mitigate any risk associated with opportunities within the Maersk Oil operated study area. An initial screening of the new seismic highlighted that the most interesting prospects would rely heavily on the ability of seismic scale faults to hold back a significant hydrocarbon column. Using Petrel 2011, in conjunction with the Structure and Fault Analysis (RDR) module, a complete structural analysis of the identified fault system was performed. The work required careful interpretation and analysis of the 3D fault system characteristics. This was accomplished by constructing a structural framework of the fault system and assessing the likelihood of fault seal using the Structure and Fault Analysis (RDR) module. This methodology allowed for the results to be integrated into a standard exploration risk and volume assessment workflow, enabling critical decision making on each prospect. This presentation will describe the workflow used; challenges faced and shed light on how the latest tools can be smoothly connected into the existing prospect risking practices.


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