A new workflow to enhance seals and faults from the seismic imaging is proposed. Whereas most of the proposed methods for the characterization of seals and faults are obtained from seismic attributes, we have used a novel method based on a geological modeling from the seismic. From this model, new kinds of attributes can be derived to enhance sequence stratigraphy, faults, seals and traps. By computing the vertical derivatives of the geological model, also called the "Thickness" cube, it reveals the instantaneous variations of the geological layers in the volume on each seismic voxel. It is sensitive to the convergence and divergence of the geological horizons and therefore appears to be particularly well adapted to reveal traps, seal, spatial distribution of reservoirs. The fault imaging is obtained from the computation of 3D derivatives of the geological model, which shows a detailed detection of faults even in zones with a low signal noise ratio. Applied on the block F03 in the North Sea, this method has proven to be fast and efficient to evaluate prospects for well placement application and also maximize chance of success in exploration.


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