Seismic attributes have been utilized to enhance identification and mapping of faults on seismic volumes. Application of 3D seismic attributes together with advanced visualization techniques allow combination of different fault characteristics and result in a better understanding of complex fault systems. In this study fault attribute analysis is integrated with frequency decomposition process. A fault imaging workflow including structurally oriented semblance attribute volume and fault enhancement attribute volumes have been generated using two different sets of seismic input. First the fault imaging workflow was carried out using full band seismic volume. Then, seismic data has been decomposed into amplitude volumes representing individual frequencies. The same fault imaging was repeated using amplitude volume from high frequency. Amplitude volumes of higher frequencies correspond to higher resolution. The method has been tested on a 3D dataset from the Mid Norwegian Sea. The results show that using amplitude volumes of higher frequencies can image smaller scale faults that are not visible using full band seismic volumes as input for the fault imaging. Improved fault imaging achieved using this method can help derisk fault seal related issues in areas with complex structural setting such as the one presented in this study.


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