Satellite SAR Interferometry and related techniques have gained in the last years a very high acceptance as tool for the precise measurement of small displacements of the Earth surface; they provide crucial information for the understanding of geophysical and geological phenomena like earthquakes, land subsidence, long-term tectonic movements, karst phenomena, volcanic activity etc. The extension of these techniques to the analysis of time series of repeated measures furthermore opened the floor to reliable monitoring of these phenomena over long time periods. On the other hand, these measurements, as well as other geodetic observations, cannot be intended as a final product, but instead as input for the modeling and representation of the phenomenon under investigation. This paper presents the approach followed by the authors in the integration of a set of geological modeling tools within the SARscape® COTS interferometric software; the result is a software suite that allows the end-users to fully describe the geological/geophysical phenomenon in terms of their geophysical source mechanism. After an overview of the full package, outcomes of such integration are shown by means of results obtained from SAR imagery time series obtained from the ERS and ENVISAT ASAR (© ESA) sensors, over the Dead Sea region and the Lysan peninsula


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