The level of the Dead Sea (DS) has been dropping for the last five decades due to increasing extractions from its feeding sources (APC 2006, JVA 2006, Neev and Emery 1967, Baker and Harza 1955). As a theoretical result the hydrodynamic interface of the fresh/salt water bodies should readjust to a new equilibrium state through a seaward movement Ghyben 1988, Herzberg 1901, Glover 1959, Kremer 1977). Accordingly (Fig. 1), and in order to achieve system stability the groundwater levels of the surrounding areas should drop and the amounts of stored groundwater in excess of those necessary for keeping a hydrodynamic stability of the system will be discharged to the DS itself (Salameh und El-Naser 1999, 2000 a & b, Salameh and Udluft 1985).


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