The main objective of this project is to build capacity in the area of transboundary water governance and climate change adaptation by establishing state of the art real-time water and weather monitoring networks in Jordan with a specific focusing on Dead Sea watershed on Jordanian side. Additionally, the Earth Observation System (EOS) will be used for spatial analysis of shoreline changes and sink hole pattern. The data collected through these advanced monitoring networks will be transmitted to two command centres on a real-time basis (one in the north and another in the south of the Kingdom) where the data will be stored in centralized water and climate databases. In addition, a third command center is proposed to serve the Arab Potash Company (APC) industrial activities that taking place on Dead Sea shore and focusing on Dead Sea watershed monitoring. The data will be available for use by various agencies to monitor water and climate changes on a real-time basis as well as for the development of policy guidelines and tools such as Dead Sea level, intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) curves, flood forecasting, salt water intrusion, water contamination and water supply-demand assessment in order to address challenges and make informed decisions in the areas of transboundary water governance and climate change adaptation.


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