In this paper analyzes the effectiveness of technologies that increase the detail of the seismic images, such as the Spectral Decomposition and Color Blending on ach and Jurassic deposits of Western Siberia. Ach and Jurassic deposits of Western Siberia are a complex system of different properties of geological bodies, such as channels of turbidite flows, sandy-silty alluvial fans and channels. For the detection of deposits in the sediments of this type is not enough to get into the structure, it is necessary to allocate sand bodies and share their origin. Quite often, a simple analysis of seismic attributes, is insufficient to meet the challenges of high detail. Spectral Decomposition technology allows expanding the seismic record to the narrow frequency band, to focus on the target object, and the imposition of multiple attributes in different colors allows you to see the same image all the geological picture in general


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