The excitation of elastic waves on the Earth surface near the well head, can lead to tube wave generation in the borehole. Tube wave amplitude is huge comparing the reflecting signals. Tube-wave is not directly recorded to the VSP tool but generated the coupling oscillations of mechanical system sonde-to-borehole wall. Sonde coupling effect is a well-known in borehole seismic. It appears when body waves P or S arrive to the downhole tool. But the tube wave arrival generates rather strong oscillations. These natural oscillations are usually visible on the VSP wave-field. The amplitude of reportable oscillations varies depending on the quality of cement bond conditions and quality of the VSP tool clamping. Band limitedness of recorded signal and variability of amplitude produce serious problems in the suppression of tube wave noise on VSP data. The main goal of the paper is tube wave investigation and development the tube wave suppression algorithm


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