The main searches of oil fields and gas on Astrakhan Anticline belong to podsolevy deposits, a secondary direction of searches and investigations are nadsolevy deposits, including Triassic. Open large-scale deposits of the Astrakhan gas-condensate, Central Astrakhan gas-condensate field confirmed an appreciation of prospects of a neftegazonosnost of a podsolevy complex of Precaspian Depression. However the big depths, difficult mining-and-geological conditions, abnormally high sheeted pressures, hydrosulphuric and uglekislotny aggression on the underground equipment of wells – all this results in need of application of difficult technologies and the unique equipment that involves sharp increase in cost of works at oil and gas. Therefore there is a need to return to an assessment of prospects of a neftegazonosnost of Triassic deposits as carrying out exploration on this direction won't demand such big initial expenses as it takes place for a search complex. In the territory of area 5 fields in mesozoic deposits (Promyslovsky, Beshkulsky, Severo - Shadzhinsky, Bugrinsky, Camel) with depths of productive layers in the range of 750-2700 m are revealed. By results of seismic, geophysical data and drilling, traps of a zaleganiye of Triassic deposits which are dated for muldovy zones of an osadkonakopleniye of the Inundated territory are revealed


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