In the last decade multiscale methods have proven efficient in solving large reservoir-scale problems with satisfactory accuracy. Computational efficiency is achieved by splitting the original problem into a set of local problems coupled through a global coarse problem. Although these techniques are usually employed for problems in which the fine-scale processes are described by Darcy’s law, they can also be applied to pore-scale simulations and used as a mathematical framework for hybrid methods that couples a Darcy and pore scales. In this work, we consider a pore-scale description of fine-scale processes. The Navier-Stokes equations are numerically solved in the pore geometry to compute the velocity field and obtain generalized permeabilities. In the case of two-phase flow, the dynamics of the phase interface is described by the volume of fluid method with the continuum surface force model. The MsFV method is employed to construct an algorithm that couples a Darcy macro-scale description with a pore-scale description at the fine scale. The hybrid simulations results presented are in good agreement with the fine-scale reference solutions. As the reconstruction of the fine-scale details can be done adaptively, the presented method offers a flexible framework for hybrid modeling.


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