Acid treatment of the bottom hole formation zone is successfully applied in oil industry to increase well production rates. The value of permeability of the bottom hole zone strongly depends on well production. Acid impacts on porous media and it increases the permeability in a neighbourhood of well. The simulation of the effect of acid injection on permeability evolution is an important task, which demands accounting of various physical phenomena in bottom hole zone. Solution is based on the numerical consideration of the mathematical model of chemical reaction in carbonate reservoir. The main aim of this study is to estimate influence of the Carbon-dioxide gas, which is one of the chemical reaction products, on the permeability of bottom hole zone and well skin-factor. Two-dimensional model of two-phase flow of acid aqueous solution and gas is considered.This phenomena has effect on acid filtration in porous media and it takes into account in numerical simulation. It is shown that in some important cases neglecting of gas phase leads to significant errors in estimation of parameters of bottom hole zone.Well skin-factor after acid treatment is calculated as a function of acid volume and injection time.


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