In the field of spectral signatures we have a large variety and challenges from lab over field measurements to imagine spectroscopy of different pixel sizes. The study shows the systematic variation of the spectral signature measurements. On the example of different minerals we show the variability of the test environmental measurements on the spectral signatures from air dried sieved samples under standardized lab condition to the field measurements with integration of all atmospheric condition, soil moisture, crystal shape, iron content, and texture parameters as well as morphological position of the test site. The influence of all these parameters on the visibility of the spectral absorption features and the spectra shapes has been pointed out. The relevance of the different point measurements (lab, field) in relation to the pixel information and the stability and variance of the spectral signals were discussed. This study focused on the systematical analysis of the influence of various physico-chemical parameters on mineral specific absorption features. The results will be used as outstanding investigation method as well as data base for the classification of data from the hyperspectral airborne scanner HyMap to provide an area-covering mineral map of the study site.


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