In the last decade, the H/V Spectral Ratio (HVSR) inversion has been explored as a low cost technique for estimating the Vs ground profile (shear wave velocity – thickness) of a site, since the HVSR curve can be obtained easily from 3 component microtremor records carried out at the ground surface. Recently, some researchers suggested that more detailed estimation of near surface layers might be inverted when the HVSR curve contains information on high predominant frequencies too. In this paper, the correlation between the experimental HVSR predominant frequencies and the minimum fundamental and/or higher mode theoretical Rayleigh H/V elliptical frequencies is discussed using available Vs ground profiles and microtremor records gathered at 19 Akita Kik-net stations in Japan. The fair correlation obtained in this case study suggests us that the assessment of theoretical Rayleigh H/V elliptical frequencies of fundamental and higher modes should be carried out to select the potential ground models before the inversion process.


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