In the last decades in Russia the volume of industrial and civil construction in Siberia is increased. It is connected with considerable expansion of volumes of oil-and-gas production, construction of the gas pipelines, new highways and trunk-railways. At the same time many regions of work are hard to reach areas, it is rather difficult to realize detailed geological engineering surveys there. On the most parts of Siberia territory there is extended the permafrost zone up to 100-300 meters. Within this zone there are local areas of thaw rocks extending to a depth of few meters to several tens of meters. Under such conditions the role of complex geophysical and, first of all, seismic methods essentially increases during design and building of industrial and civil objects for detailed studying of the upper part of the section structure, exploration of fault areas, low- velocity zones of thaw rocks, etc. The paper presents the materials of complex engineering-seismic researches using systems of observations, excitation sources and equipment on sites of railway tracks construction in a number of hard to reach areas of Siberia.


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