Albania is a reach country with underground waters such as artesian, karstic mineral water etc., which require to be identified and to be in the service of community, agriculture and the industry. In this study it is treated the use of Self Potential (SP), Charge Body and the Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) for hydrogeological studies. The ERT method was used for the first time in Albania for the determination of karstic water movements. The Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) method is also used for the determination of contacts between salted water and soft water. The self potential SP method has been used by many authors to study the natural potential anomalies caused by the filtration of underground waters. Ogilvy (1965), started his work using the SP method, for hydrogeological studies. This method has been used successfully in hydrogeological studies, in combination with other geophysical methods such as resistivity, seismic and radiometric.


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