Large amounts of geophysical data and a high demand for detailed geological mapping has set the need for advanced inversions schemes. In Denmark several new inversion techniques have been developed in the recent years. This work presents the inversion technique called Spatial Mutually Constrained Inversion (SMCI). The SMCI is a pseudo-3D inversion using constraints in 3D between different data sets inverted in 1D. The SMCI is described in detail together with some examples from Denmark. The SMCI was developed from the idea of being able to combine different geophysical datasets together with geological information in one common inversion. The aim was to enhance the reliability of the inversion results and thereby optimize time and quality of subsequent geological interpretation. The SMCI has in the past 7 years been used with success on a wide range of projects mainly within hydrogeophysical mapping of groundwater resources in Denmark. It has proven results in very good agreement with the geological information and at the same time to optimize the following geological interpretation.


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