An essential prerequisite for site-specific soil protection and restoration, alongside sustainable land use, water management, and environmental management, is the availability of high-resolution soil property maps. One aim of the iSOIL project (FP7 Collaborative Project) was the validation of the potential of field-scale proximal soil sensing for landscape-scale Digital Soil Mapping (DSM). We will present results from a large scale field site at the Fuhrberger Feld, Germany. The major aim of this study was to come up with a concept on how to incorporate field scale geophysical data for landscape scale digital soil mapping. However, before integrating patch-scale geophysical sensing data into landscape scale DSM, a number of steps towards a proper quality assurance have to be developed and rules have to be observed. At this point we will focus on EMI measurements. At the Fuhrberger Feld special attention was placed upon the development of measuring arrangements and post-processing algorithms, in order to make data comparable for interpretation.


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