The Iberian Pirite Belt (IPB) metalogenetic province located in the SW area of the Iberian Peninsula. In the IPB sector studied in this work, the IPB basement is hidden beneath a thick sedimentary coverage, which is part of a large structure called the Sado Tertiary Basin (STB). This sedimentary layer makes it very difficult to identify the basement structures beneath it, and it is therefore very important to define it those deeper structures are to be resolved. The Lagoa Salgada discovery was directly linked to gravity and magneto-telluric surveys performed. Electrical vertical soundings and magnetic were also used.A more detailed treatment of the geophysical information permits to accurate the local geophysical-geological models, essential to follow up studies and new VHMS discoveries in this IPB sector. In this work LNEG database data of the Lagoa Salgada sector were recovered and reprocessed, namely gravity and vertical electrical soundings. Several vertical structures were identified through the analysis of gravity field derivatives and profile was constructed based on a 2D density model resulting from the inversion of gravity data as well as the resistivity models resulting from 1D inversion of vertical electrical soundings, and boreholes logs.


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