The Chlef region constitutes an excellent area to study neotectonics structures and its geodynamical context. The use of aeromagnetic data in this region combined to new processing methods developed, allow establishing a structural image of emerging and submerging structures both onshore and continue offshore. The maps show a good correlation between potential fields anomalies and known geological structures and also distinguishes between long and short wavelength anomalies. The short wavelength anomalies are associated to the volcanic rocks on the coast from Chenoua to El Marsa and to the basement in the Boukadir zone in the sedimentary Cheliff basin. The long wavelength anomalies are associated mainly to deep structures. In the South, these structures are limiting the basin, near the Ouarsenis Mountains, while in the North of the region; these structures are very deep and are identified in the Mediterranean Sea. Keywords Aeromagnetic data, anomalies, Chlef, wavelet transform, ridgelet transform, 3D imaging.


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