Over the last 50-60 years, geophysicists has been achieved an enormous amount of techniques and technologies for processing of geophysical fields, the continuous development of computer technology makes it possible to realize more and more new methods of analysis of information to process huge amounts of data, including the integration of geophysical fields. The main purpose of the application of various mathematical algorithms in the processing of geophysical data is to reduce the ambiguity of the geological interpretation of geophysical fields. Petrel software is designed to bring together specialists from different disciplines work and maximize the use of all available information in constructing a coherent three-dimensional geological model with access to the hydrodynamic calculations. Functionality Petrel allow the user interpret the seismic data and well data, build a structural model of the deposit, simulate petrophysical characteristics, uncertainty analysis to characterize the model, well designed and modeled hydrodynamic process. The purpose of this report, to show how we can extend the standard approach to geological modeling, using all available geological and geophysical information, including data and electrical potential field.


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