Research in Kertasari Area, Brebes District, Central Java Province, is expected to generate recommendation map for settlement land use. Kertasari has varied morphology, but land use in this area is not good enough. Data was collected in the field is used to make geological map and geomorphological map. Then, digital data were analyzed to generate slope map, land wetness map, and land cover map. Research area was classified into four lithological units, they are sandstone-siltstone unit, volcanic breccia unit, claystone unit, and alluvial unit. And it was divided into four geomorphological units, they are Pamedaran Synclinal Valley Unit, Pamedaran Synclinal Hills Unit, Kertasari Denudasional Plain Unit, and Kertasari Alluvial Plain Unit. Slope percentage in research area ranged from 0% to 140%. Wetness rate of research area are: flow zone, seep zone, wet zone, moist zone, dry zone. Land cover rate of research area are: tightly covered zone, moderately covered zone, rarely covered zone, bare land. Overlapping these five maps using GIS software generates recommendation map for settlement land use. It divides research area into four zones: very feasible zone, feasible zone, less feasible zone, and not feasible zone. It is recommended to build settlements in feasible and very feasible zone.


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