Majnoon, one of the South Iraq Giant oil fields, is a 52 km by 15 km greenfield which was discovered in 1979, approximately 60 km north of Basrah, close to the Iraq/Iran border. The northern part of the field area lies in the Hawizeh marshes, a designated RAMSAR site (Wetlands of International Importance). Majnoon has a current target production of 60,000 BOPD (barrels of oil per day) from 17 wells and a STOIIP of 38 Billion barrels, according to Ministry of Oil data, contained in 12 reservoirs. The drilling of 15 new wells and a work-over campaign during 2011-12 will allow production to reach the first contractual target of 175,000 BOPD (SIPD, 2010). The FDP to be submitted by March 2013 will define the development plan to take production levels towards the target production level of 1.8 MM BOPD.


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