The purpose of this paper is to present a new method for interval VTI anisotropic parameter estimation above and within VSP array. Above receiver array, the method utilizes duplex downgoing multiples (multiples with two reflections: from the boundary and free surface) for estimation of a layered depth velocity model above the borehole receiver array. A three-term NMO approximation function is used to estimate NMO velocity and a non-hyperbolic parameter. Dix-type inversion is applied to the three parameters to invert them to interval Thomsen anisotropic parameters ε, δ above the receivers. Velocity gradient influence is analyzed analytically. It is shown that in many cases we can neglect its influence on anisotropy estimates. Within the VSP receiver array, the method creates a virtual horizontal reflector at each receiver depth by calculating reflected traveltimes as a sum of two first breaks from the symmetrical source points. For 3D or multi-azimuthal walkaway survey, this approach is generalized for a model with horizontal homogeneous orthorhombic layers.


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