New seismic processing technologies can help extract additional useful information even if they are used with old seismic data. Seismic acquisition was performed in 2001 with the vibroseis and slanted NonWAZ acquisition system resulting in original bin size of 12.5x25m and nominal fold of 40. New advanced technologies were applied to get get better quality seismic imaging from full data reprocessing sequence. 5D seismic data regularization and interpolation to a denser shot and receiver grid were done to make possible the implementation of WAZ processing sequence. Data was, in fact, mapped to a new perfectly regular survey on bin grid 12.5x12.5m, which had higher fold of 160 and more regular offset and azimuth distribution. WAZ approach made possible COV- processing, azimuthal velocity analysis and 3D Radon using. The main features of our PSDM processing included separate PSDM runs for different azimuth sectors, PSDM from floating datum with shallow velocity derived from refraction statics model and using of non-linear hybrid tomography. Improvements in seismic data resolution, small magnitude faults imaging and correlation with well data are observed as the result of advanced technologies applying.


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