In the south-eastern regions of West Siberia most oil and gas fields are concentrated in the Upper anticlinal traps. When searching for oil and gas one of the major challenges facing the seismic is the selection of promising structures. This work, performed on the basis of complex interpretation of seismic data and deep drilling, is devoted to the analysis of structural framework and tectonic history of northern Kaymysovsk vault. Study area is located in the Tomsk region and part of the Mezhovsk oil and gas area in Kaymysovski oil and gas field. In the process, was created seismological project in interpretation package W-Seis, was correlated reflectors that control the basic seismological sedimentary complexes. Under the seismological complexes mean intervals of time sections showing thickness, characterized by different depositional environments. Roof and floor systems are seismic and geological boundary change in the conditions of sedimentation - the surface of the regional unconformities, breaks, or regional planation surfaces, which are confined to the most stable reflectors - seismic frames.


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